• Mini MBA

Mini MBA in

Business Administration – Certified

Venue: Istanbul / Turkey

Category: Business Administration.

INDEX announce to our Trainees start registration on M.MBA in Business Administration depend on Deep professionals partner and certificate accredited by Turkish University.

Target group:

  • Businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Managers in institutions, companies and organizations.
  • Project managers, entrepreneurs and senior executives.
  • Staff in senior management and middle-level and supervisory.
  • Who wish to get professional project management skills.
  • Decision-makers, consultants, engineers and academics from all specialties.
  • Who interested in the world of business and project management.


  • Management and strategic planning.
  • Project Management Professional PMP.
  • Human Resources Management HRM.
  • Risk and Crisis Management.
  • Investment management and financial markets.
  • Marketing and E-Commerce.
  • Innovative leadership and governance IL.
  • International trade and SCM.
  • Total Quality Management TQM.


  • Lectures
  • Exclusive training videos.
  • Workshops
  • Group discussions
  • Practical cases
  • Training performance

Benefits of Business M.MBA in Business Administration:

  • To get tools that needed to manage your investment and new projects.
  • Promotion and position advancement in hierarchy, higher wage & bonuses.
  • The best performance through acquisition of tools, skills and modern methods.
  • Distinct jobs and big salaries, which gets Benefits of M.MBA in Business Administration gets great experience equivalent to five work years.
  • Change the negative trends and concepts for the future career development.
  • MBA in Business Administration approved by Turkish universities.


  • Medical Management (Document & Hospital)
  • Drug Marketing
  • Medical Terminology
  • SPSS
  • Programming and Website Design
  • Maintenance of Computer and Network
  • Graphic Design